Best Podcasts for learning German In 2021

Recently podcast got a lot of popularity as it allow multi-tasking along with consuming content by listening. This is the reason, if you want to get an edge over others in learning German then you should definitely go for a podcast along with traditional sources.

Best Podcasts for learning German In 2021

Today I am going to tell you 10 Best Podcasts To Learn German In 2021 that will help you to improve your vocabulary as well as listening skill.

Why Should You Try Listening German Podcast?

Perfect Best Friend In Your Busy Lifestyle

Podcasts are the perfect solution when you have to do other tasks, travelling or you feel bored. You don’t have to give pain to your eyes by staring at the screen for learning.

By listening to podcasts, you give yourself the freedom to learn German without disturbing your regular routine.

Podcast Teach You To Listen Well

In today’s time, due to an abundance of few second videos, our time span of concentration has reduced. Podcasts are the best solution to improve our listening skill as well as concentration power as it will force you to pay attention.

Best Podcasts for learning German In 2021

List Of Best German Podcast For Beginners 2021

Here are list of Best German Podcasts that Will Make You Fall In love With Your Language Learning Process. You don’t need to download apps for these podcasts as you can listen to them directly through the website.

1)Slow German

This podcast is one of the best to start your journey from beginners to advance level. It is hosted by a journalist of Munich named Annik.

For absolute beginners, podcasts are conducted in English along with German language. Transcripts are also available.

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2) Radio D

In this series of podcast, reported Paula and Phillip are visiting across Germany to discover mysterious places. There are various interactive elements present in this podcast along with sound effects and humor.

A English speaking guide will be there to explain the breakdown of conversation thus making it easier for you to understand.

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3) Learn German Vocabulary By Language Addicts

This podcast is available on Spotify which will make your German lessons as fun as listening to music.

Here you will get a playlist of various episodes along with more recommendation which you definitely love it.

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4) Learn German For Free Podcast

This is an amazing podcast for beginners which covers various topics from greetings to ordering in restaurant, visiting park, travelling in public transport, etc.

You will be helped by host Stefan during this journey of wonderful podcast. Free transcripts are also available.

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5)Learn German By Podcast

Lessons in this podcast focus on the acted out scenes followed by break down for understanding. This is useful for those who want to start from scratch. Along with podcasts and transcripts, you will also find a lot of study material for beginners over here.

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6) Deutsch warum nicht?

This podcast is created in collaboration with Goethe Institute which tells the story of a journalism student who is working as a doorman at a hotel. This series has 26 lessons with exercises and dialogues.

This is a must try podcast suggestion for Goethe Students

It is designed to help learners from A1 to B2 levels.

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7) German LingQ

The specialty of this podcast is that it includes common topics of daily use like eating out, spending a day at the zoo, etc.

Specific podcasts are available for both beginners and advance learners. You can also get access to transcripts by signing up for free.

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8) Coffee Break German

The lessons are designed in such a way that it is helpful for beginners as well as those who wants to refresh their knowledge.

Each podcast is for about 30 minutes which includes dialogues with a lot of vocabulary and explanation such as talking about likes and dislikes, ordering in hotel in town of Germany.

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9) Deutsche Welle Learn German Podcasts

This Podcast includes lessons on various topics along with great explanation vocabulary and other parts of sentences as well.

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10) German comedy

This is also available on Spotify. It is the best option for those who find it boring listen to normal conversations. It includes German comedy that will help you to understand their culture in a better manner.

You must try this podcast once.

Bonus Recommendation To German Listening Practice Fun

Spotify For Leaning German

Just click here and reach to Spotify where you can find ocean of improving German listening skill.

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