German A1 Vocabulary Test on Clothing| Kleidung MCQ A1Quiz

Hallo Leute! Here is an exciting Quiz for you to check your Vocabulary for German A1 Level. Topic for our today’s Quiz is ”Clothing- Kleidung”.

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German A1 Vocabulary quiz on Clothing| Kleidung MCQ A1Quiz

#1. Choose the correct article for ” T-Shirt”.

#2. Ich kaufe ein braun ____( Trousers)

#3. Lina Lina trägt der Pullover und ____ (Skirt).

#4. I brought a beautiful dress for Farewell. Was sagt man “dress” auf Deutsch?

#5. What is the plural form of “Die Jacke”?

#6. Which of the following is not usually worn in winter season?

#7. Was sagt man “boots” auf Deutsch?

#8. Maria is wearing 1) jacket 2) Trouser 3) Woolen Cap. Choose the correct option.

#9. Was sagt man “belt” auf Deutsch?

#10. Suit = ?


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