German A1 Vocabulary Quiz On Body Parts



#1. 'Der Mund' is translated in English as:

#2. What do we say ' Der Ellenbogen' in Englsih:

#3. What is meaning of 'Das Gehirn' in English?

#4. Die Ferse is translated as _____ in English

#5. ______means 'Der Hals' in German

#6. Which of the following is correct translation of 'Hand' in German

#7. 'Das Niere' means _______ in English

#8. _____ means 'the heart ' in German

#9. Die Stirn means _____in English

#10. ______ means Der Nerv in German

#11. Der Knöchel means _____ in English

#12. Which word refers to 'das Gesicht' in English

#13. Which of the following means the leg

#14. ________means der Körperteil

#15. Which of the following is incorrect?


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