House And Furniture A1 Vocabulary Quiz| German MCQ Quiz A1 Level

It’s time to check our learning on topic ” House and Furniture In German”. Try this quiz and check how well you have learned this topic.

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#1. Guess the correct option: “You can use me for washing your clothes with help electricity”

#2. Was sagt man “Der Trockner” im Englisch?

#3. ” You can keep your food cold and fresh inside me” Guess who am I?

#4. Was sagt man “The Microwave ” auf Deutsch?

#5. What do we say “Furniture” in German?

#6. “If you are tired, you want to sit on me” Find me from options below?

#7. Choose the incorrect option ( Mirror)

#8. Choose the correct answer for ” Curtain” in German language.

#9. Ich sehe die zeit in _____ (Plural of “Uhr” is :Die Uhren)

#10. Choose odd one out (Hint: Schlafzimmer)


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