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German A1 Quiz On Mein Haus Vocabulary

It’s time to check our learning on topic ” Mein Haus In German”. Try this quiz and check how well you have learned this topic.

Also don’t forget to share your scores below and challenge your friend to take this quiz.

#1. What is the plural form of “Das Haus”?

#2. At 11:00 PM, I am feeling tired and sleeping. Which of the following room would I go?

#3. Er isst im ________(He is eating in dining room)

#4. Choose the correct option for word “Terrace”

#5. Is Correct plural form of ” Der Balkon” is “Die Balkone”?

#6. ________hat eine Dusche. (The Bathroom has a shower)

#7. ___Kinderzimmer ist Klein.

#8. Which of the following is incorrect?

#9. Jetzen Sitzen wir im _____(Garden).

#10. We use stairs to go on the first floor. Choose the correct word for “Stairs”


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