German A1 Vocabulary Quiz | Topic: Alphabets MCQ |

As you already know about alphabets in German language, let’s take out some time and try this quiz to check out our learning of vocab related to alphabets.

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German A1 Vocabulary Quiz | Topic: Alphabets MCQ |

#1. Was sagt Mann 'the letters' auf deutsch?

#2. How many letters have umlauts in German Alphabets?

#3. Which of the pronunciation pair is incorrect?

#4. Which article is used with word “Alphabet”?

#5. How many extra Alphabets does German language includes in comparison to English Alphabets?

#6. The two dots on some letters/ alphabets are known as_____

#7. 'ß' is also called as sharfes S or es-set.

#8. Which of the following word have pronunciation starting with sound of 'z'.

#9. Pronunciation of 'jogurt' will start with sound of which letter?

#10. Which of the following is not used with umlauts?


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