German A1 Vocabulary Quiz | Topic: Begrüßung-Greetings MCQ |

As you already know about greetings in German language, let’s take out some time and try this quiz to check out our learning of vocabs related to greeting.

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German A1 Vocabulary Quiz | Topic: Begrüßung-Greetings MCQ |

#1. How would you greet your teachers?

#2. Which of the following can you use at ending conversation and leaving that place? ( Choose most appropriate)

#3. What do you say to your teacher?

#4. How do you greet your friends?

#5. Which one of the following have incorrect spelling?

#6. Which of the following can not be used as a reply for 'Wie geht es Ihnen/dir?'?

#7. Choose the odd one out.

#8. You are feeling great. How would you express it in German language?

#9. Choose the incorrect option.

#10. How do we ask 'how are you' in German language? ( Formal)


Some Important Tips

Congratulations! you really tried your best in this quiz.

Now let’s see few basic things apart from quiz related to German greeting.

•Begrüßung – Means Greetings

There are various dialects that are followed in German language that’s why you have seen few new words related to greeting while attempting this quiz.

•Servus – This word is usually used in Southern Germany which means both Hello as well as bye.

•You can also use words like Grüß Gott, Grüzi, Grüß dich, etc. to say ‘Hello’.

•Sometimes you have seen using phrase ‘Was geht ab?’ to ask ‘How are you’ in German language but you should not use this while learning standard German because this word refers as slang.

•Notice that while saying good night, we never use Guten Nacht. The correct answer is Gute Nacht because Nacht is feminine so we will use ‘Gute’.

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