German A1 Alphabet ABC with Notes| Das deutsche Alphabet

If your native language is either Hindi or English then learning German language becomes bit easier as the script of German language is taken from Roman and many Grammar concepts in German language is similar to Hindi because this language is derived from Sanskrit language.

When it comes to learning a language, it is always preferable to use a notebook and pen to make a better connection in your learning process. So let’s start the notes that you can even use while revising before exams.

Notes Of German A1 Alphabets

Some Important Tips:

  • German language has 26 main letters and 4 extra letters. The extra letters are ä, ö, ü and ß
  • The W in German sounds like the V in English
  • The V in German sounds like the F in English
  • The letter ß will never appear at the beginning of a word
  • Most of the time the S in German sounds like Z in English when it is placed at the starting of a word followed by a vowel.

LetterSample pronunciation ( Hindi & English)Example More Examples
Aआ, aaApfel
(apple, सेब)
Affe (Monkey), Adler (Eagle)
Bबे, BeyBall
(ball, गेंद)
Baum (Tree), Bruder(Brother)
Cसे, sayCola
(Cola, कोला)
CD, Chor (Choir)
Dडे, Day (Pronounce like Day without speaking Y)Daumen
(Thumb, अँगूठा)
Dame (Lady), Deutsch (German)
Eऐ, AEsel
(donkey, गधा)
Ei (egg), Elefant (Elephant)
Fएफ, FFisch
Fish, मछली)
Fenster (Window), Frage (Question)
Gगे, GayGabel
(fork, कांटा चम्मच)
Geld (Money), Geige (Violin)
Hहा, HaHut
(cap, टोपी)
Hahn (rooster), Hund (Dog)
Iइ, EInsel
(island, द्वीप)
Igel (Hedgehog), Imbiss (snack)
Jयोट, YotJacke
(jacket, जैकेट)
Junge (Boy), Jahr (year)
Kखा, KhaKatze
(Cat, बिल्ली)
Koch (a cook), könig(King)
Lऐल, LLampe
( Lamp, लैंप)
Löwe (Lion), Land(country)
Mएम, MMann
(husband, पति)
Mutter (Mother), Mädchen (Girl)
Nएन, NNase
(Nose, नाक)
Name (Name), Nashorn (Rhino)
Oओ, OOhr
(Ear, कान)
Opa( Grand Father), Orange (Orange)
Pपे, PayPapagei
(parrot, तोता)
Pulver (powder), pferd (horse)
Qखू/ कू, KooQualle
(jellyfish, जेलिफ़िश)
Quarantäne (quarantine),  Quadrat (quadrant)
Rऐय, airRakete
(rocket, राकेट)
Rad (wheel), Regen (Rain)
Sएस, SSonne
(Sun, सूर्य)
Schwester (Sister), Schiff (Ship)
Tटे, TayTee
(Tea, चाय)
Tasche(bag), Tochter (Daughter)
Uऊ, OoUhr
(Clock, घड़ी)
Uni (University),
Vफाओ, FowVogel
(bird, चिड़िया)
Vater (Father), Vase (Vase)
Wवे, WayWasser
(Water, पानी)
Wolke (Cloud)
Xइक्स, iksXylophon
(xylophone, जाइलोफोन)
(There are hardly any German words that start with X)
Yऊपसिलोन, oopsilonYoga
(Yoga, योग)
Yacht,  Yak
Zसेट, SetZug
(train, रेल गाडी)
Zahn (tooth),  Zeitung (Newspaper), Zeit (Time)
Äऐ , eeh (sounds similar to the e in melon)Äpfel
( apples, कई सेब)
Äpfel (Apples), Ägypten (Egypt)
Ö(हिंदी में ऐसी कोई ध्वनि नहीं है), oehÖl
(Oil, तेल)
Öl (Oil),
Österreich (Austria)
Üहिंदी में ऐसी कोई ध्वनि नहीं है, No similar sound in Eng (ueh)Übung
(Exercise, व्यायाम)
Überraschung (surprise),
ß एस-सेट, s (Like s in word Sea)Heißen
( to be called, कहलाना)
Fuß (Foot) , heiß(hot)

What Are Umlauts?

The two dots are called Umlauts. These are mutated vowels which change the sound of vowels a, o and u. Example:

  • Ä – Äpfel
  • Ö – Öl
  • Ü – Übung

Special Pronunciation: Zweilaute/ Diphthonge

auaaoo, आउMaus, Auch, Laut,
euoye, ओएNeu, Deutsch, Feuer
äuoye, ओएMäuser, Häuser, Käufer
eiI, आइEi, Zeit, Klein
aiaye, आएइMai, Mais
ieee, इLieben, Leider

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German A1 Alphabets Hindi Explanation

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