German A1 Vocabulary Quiz | Topic: Zahlen-Numbers|

German A1 Vocabulary Quiz | Topic: Zahlen-Numbers |

As you already know about Numbers and counting in German language, let’s take out some time and try this quiz to check out our learning of vocab related to numbers.

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#1. Ich habe ____ Finger. ( I have___ Fingers ( according to normal person))

#2. Ich kaufe 2 Schokolade und 3 Burger. Was Kostet es zusammen? ( 2 Schokolade= 7 Euro, 3 Burger= 10 Euro)

#3. Eins+ Acht =

#4. Ich gebe 2 schokoladen. (1 Schokolade= 6 Euro) Was kostet die schokoladen? [ Hint: 6 x 2 ]

#5. Choose the incorrect Option

#6. One Century has ____ Years.

#7. What do we say “numbers” in German?

#8. Which of the following are pair of prime numbers?

#9. Maria says that null + acht = sieben. Is he correct?

#10. Which of these means “11”?

#11. Which of these is the correct spelling for 100?

#12. Complete the sequence. Zwei, vier, sechs (..........)

#13. How do you spell “seventeen” in German?

#14. Linda says that “drei + acht = elf.” Is she correct?

#15. Fünfundzwanzig = ?


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