Vocabulary Quiz on Stationery A1| MCQ on Screibwaren A1 Niveau

Can you name vocabulary related to school stationery in German Language as it is one of the earliest topic we cover in A1 Vocabulary. Quiz yourself and check how well you have learned this topic.

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Vocabulary Quiz on Stationery A1|

#1. Choose odd one out

#2. Was sagt man “pen” auf Deutsch?

#3. I want to cut a piece of paper. Which of the following should I use?

#4. Tina wants to buy few stationary items for her Math project. Which of the following she should not buy?

#5. Choose the correct word for “pencil case”

#6. Es ist mein erst Tag in die Schule. Für die Schule brauche ich eine neue______

#7. Du nimmst noch einen guten ______, so dass deine Farbstifte immer schön zeichnen. (sharpener)

#8. Gehört das ____daniel? ( Hint: Scale/Ruler)

#9. Which of the following is correct?

#10. I am doing my homework in _____. Choose the correct answer


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