Month Name German A1 Quiz |German A1 Vocabulary Quiz|

Can you name Month name in German Language as it is one of the earliest topic we cover in A1 Vocabulary. Quiz yourself and check how well you have learned this topic.

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Month Name German A1 Quiz |German A1 Vocabulary Quiz|

#1. Was sagt mann “January” auf Deutsch?

#2. Christmas (Weihnachten) is celebrated in which month?

#3. Mein Geburtstag ist im _____ ( My birthday is in March)

#4. German Unity day ist celebrated on 3 _____. (October) Choose the correct month name.

#5. Berlin wall was fall on 9th ______1989. (9 November 1989) Choose the correct month name

#6. Choose the incorrect option

#7. Choose the correct sequence

#8. Today Reenu is making snowman (schneemann) and festivals like Christmas & Easter are nearby. Which of the following month can be there?

#9. March is called as ___ in German.

#10. Which article is used with name of the month in German language?


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