Best Books To Study For German A1 Exams For Beginners

According to Paul Pimsleur, author of the book named How To Learn A Foreign Language, there are two sections for learning any language. The first section includes the ‘Whys’ of language and the second include ‘hows’ language.

For solving whys, you have to answer questions like how long does it take me to learn the German language, why I have chosen only this language, etc.

The second part focuses on three main and powerful ingredients for learning our targeted language, here German language. These are:

  • Pronunciation
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary

As we know now that grammar and vocabulary play a huge role so which book should we focus on from the variety of options available in the market.

Don’t worry because here I have explained the best books you can refer to for learning the German language on your own.

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If you don’t have proper time to read this full article then you should check out this Netzwerk Book which is then available for all levels starting from A1 to B2.

This book is currently suggested by Goethe Institute for learning the German language. This book includes perfect format and grammar explanation along with plenty of vocabulary chapter wise.

Note: if you are below the age of 18 then you should prefer this German-language book: Hallo Deutsch

If you want to know for the details then you should read and check out below !

Why Using German Books For Self Learning?

When we head towards learning the German language it is always better to use books while studying. Now important question is that is it necessary to use books and what if I don’t use any books!

So don’t worry my friend I am going to tell you all the reason to prefer your language learning journey with books.

Structured Format

You can’t deny the fact that books are the most reliable source for studying. Books have a clear structure according to difficulty level which helps us to get a pathway for starting topics during self-learning.

Topic Specific Chapters

One of the benefits of having a book includes chapters based specifically on a particular topic and you will get many exercises to practice at the end of every topic. Practice exercises help you to have a better command over usage of the topic studied.

Written by reputed publishers

The best part of studying from a book is that it contains the necessary experience of teachers and professionals in a single place. It will include authentic information.

Access To CD & Other Resources

Usually, when you buy a new German-language book, you will get CDs &, other sources for practice listening skills. For example, if you buy Netzwerk book then you get two CDs each in the course book and workbook along with access to other resources like transcription on the official website of the book, apps, etc.

Best Books To Study For German A1 Exams For Beginners

Books For A1 Course Preparation

Netzwerk A1

This book is currently preferred by Goethe Institute for the preparation of German A1 level. This includes four items in a set (I) Netzwerk Kursbuch (II) Netzwerk Arbeitsbuch (III) Glossary (IV) 4 CDs

This book contains plenty of exercises for grammar, reading skill, writing skill as well as a listening skill.

Also, you will never have a shortage for learning vocabulary as you can get vocabulary at the end of every chapter of the workbook as well as a special glossary is dedicated to chapter-wise vocabulary.

Studio D

This book is also quite popular for the preparation of German A1 level. The best part about this book is creative design and explanation that keeps you engage with full interest in the topics.

This book also includes CDs and plenty of exercises for practicing and polishing German language skills, especially grammar.

Hallo Deutsch A1

This book is the perfect choice if you want to learn German with some English explanation. This book is usually preferred for person below the age of 18. It also includes a workbook, course book, and CD. All the topics are explained in a way that even kids can understand it easily.

If you are starting self-learning for the German language, then you can buy this book also with Netzwerk book to balance difficulty level.

Fit Für Goethe-Zertifikat A1

This is one of the preferable books for preparation for the German A1 level exam. The hair you cannot only get task and vocabulary lists related to German A1 vocabulary. You will also get many exercises based on exam patterns to practice.

There are 2-3 model test papers that you can solve to guess how many marks you can score in the actual exam.

Mit Erfolg Zu Start Deutsch A1

Apart from Netzwerk Book, this book can be a perfect match for you if you are appearing for the Goethe exam as an external student because it contains many practice papers which you can solve.

All these books include a lot of grammar exercises for practice but still, if you are looking for a book that specific focus on grammar only then you can look forward to these recommendation below.

Grammar Books Recommendation

Wortschatz & Grammatik A1

In this book you will get a word list for the vocabulary of German A1. Also after explanation of each grammar topic many exercises are given for practice.

Grammatik Aktiv

A Grammatik

This book is my personal favorite for understanding and practicing German grammar. Best part of this book is that we can find explanation in English language.

Deutsch Grammatik Einfach

Different exercises on specific topics of German A1 level is given with well explanation in this book. Also there is answer key available with this book from which you can check your accuracy.

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Should I take a German language book which includes everything in German language only?

Most of the books that you will refer to for learning the German language will be in German only. It is always better not to take a book that includes German to English because in that case, you will not add your efforts and curiosity to learn words and find their meaning. Also instead of taking English or other language as reference, you will start comparing it with your mother tongue and will make everything difficult for you.

Which book is best for learning German A1?

Any book is useless untill u don’t have solutions. Also at the end of every chapter in this book , Grammar is given in precise & easy manner. If you are preparing for Goethe Institute then This book would provide enough knowledge to you. Basically Netzwerk A1 is standard book so you should buy it.

Can I learn German A1 by myself?

Ofcourse, you can learn German A1 level completely by yourself with the help of many resources available of website & YouTube. Some points you must take care of while doing self learning are: don’t buy many books and stick to only 1-2 books, decide only 2-3 YouTube channel for understanding concepts (different channels can confuse you), stick to your timetable of studying German language & revise daily whatever you studied.

Name the German Grammar Book that includes English explanations for beginners.

Grammatik A is one of the best grammar books for learning German language through English.

Netzwerk Book Contains everything in German Only. Should I buy this book or another book?

It is completely your decision to prefer the book you want. One thing that you must always take care of about the book is that you should have solutions to that particular book or any YouTube channel which provides solutions for that book otherwise it will become a burden on you to keep doing without knowing the right answers.

How many hours does it take to learn A1 German?

Maximum 3 months and minimum 1.5 monthsby studying regularly for atleast 2-3 hours.

Is duolingo good for German A1?

If you are learning German language for just fun then yes it is useful but if you learning it for giving any exams then NO!

Some Useful German Study Resources

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