German A1 Vocabulary Practice | Quiz On Essen Und Trinken|


We are back here with exciting vocabulary to help you out. This time our topic is Essen Und Trinken. So let’s get ready and test you knowledge Of German A1 Vocabulary.

Here is a quiz for learning vocabulary and testing your understanding for A1 German level.

#1. What do we say ” to try” in German?( In context of food)

#2. Which of the following pair is incorrect?

#3. Which of the following pair is correct?

#4. Choose Correct translation? I eat ice cream.

#5. Select the correct option?

#6. What do we say ” fruit ” in German?

#7. What do we say ” Die Dose” In English?

#8. I want to roast this sandwich. What do we say ” roast or fry” in German?

#9. Which of the following is famous drink in Germany?


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