German Vocabulary Quiz 1 For A1 Level

Just cramming up vocabulary can make language learning process as burden, so it is very important to make it fun in order to reach desirable level in language.

We are here to make your German language journey into a smoother ride.

Here is a quiz for learning vocabulary and testing your understanding for A1 German level.

#2. What do we say “cake ” in German?

#3. What do we say “Die Mermelade ” in English?

#4. What doe we say “Potatoes “in German?

#5. Select the odd one out

#6. Which is not a typical Food in Germany?

#7. Which of the following pair is not correct?

#8. Select odd one out

#9. Select the correct pair

#10. Ich habe gerne Hamburger mit ( Cola and french Fries) Choose correct option



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Nicht schlecht !

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