German Verb That Always Take Dative Case List

One of the most confused topic that even advance level German leaner struggle to use in practical life is concept of cases especially when to use Dative case in German. In this post, I have made a list of Verb that take Dative Case always along with some exercises at the end.

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Dative Case in German Explain

Like any other language, German language has its system of cases in Grammer. There are four types of cases in German that we use & learn depending upon your language level. Types of German Cases are: Nominative case, Akkusativ Case, Dative Case & Genitiv Case.

While learning sentence fomation in German, you will notice that we use two types of object, one is Direct object (Akkusative Case) and other is Indirect object (Dative Case).

Dative case simply refers to the indirect object and it gives an answer to the question “For whom/to whom(wem) oder was“. For Example:

  • Ich (subject) schenke dir (dative indirect object) ein Smartwatch (accusative direct object).
  • Ein Smartwatch (accusative direct object) schenke ich (subject) dir (dative indirect object).
  • I’m (subject) giving you (indirect object) a smartwatch (direct object).
German Verb That Always Take Dative Case List

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