Netzwerk Kursbuch A1 Plattform 1 Solution

Hallo leute Herzliche wilkommen. Los geht’s mit German kitab solution.

In today’s post, I am going to tell you about solutions of Platfrom1 of German Netzwerk A1 Kursbuch.

Let’s start according to page number.

Page 38- 39

Question 1

In this page you have game which can be played by three or four members.

Page 40

Question 2

This question is also related to activity.

Question 3

3a) das Land; die Woche; lesen; das Kino (das Kanu);
gehen; das Hotel; das Taxi; chatten; der Montag;
das Foto; der Mai; kochen; der Hafen

3b) 2 das Jahr; 3 das Land; 4 der Bahnhof; 5 der Bus;
6 das Buch; 7 das Hotel; 8 die U-Bahn

3c) In this question you have to write wrong word and then re write the correct answer. Here are few samples:

Der pirk- Der Park ; Der Gost- Der Gast ; Das Hous – Das Haus ; Die Wache – Die Woche

( You can write whatever word you want)

Question 4

4a) Schauspieler/in: Christoph Waltz, Birgit Minichmayr,
(Anke Engelke); Regisseur/in: Marcus H. Rosenmüller,
Caroline Link; Komiker/in: Anke Engelke, Mario Barth;
Sportler/in: Magdalena Neuner, Roger Federer

I hope you have now got all answers related to this chapter.

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